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10 Best Gifts for Stoners

‘Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana’ Outside of a handful of states, you can’t buy your stoner actual cannabis. Consider this botanical book, full of hyper-detailed photos of various buds and explanations of each strain, the next best thing. $27, …

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Alex Jones Loses Custody of His Children, But Not His Act

On the stand, Jones presented himself as a family man who loved hiking, swimming and eating hamburgers with his kids. Jones also ranted about zebra meat, George Soros, and the extreme potency of today's marijuana strains. He also confirmed that, during a previous hearing, a bowl of chili had caused temporary amnesia, preventing him from remembering the names of his kids' teachers. After several hours of testimony, an opposing attorney baited him into a trap, and Jones yelled at him: "You sit here and twist things...you have won the award. No decency.

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