Green Wednesday: The Black Friday of Cannabis

Thanksgiving ranks in the top five of annual cannabis sales days. In fact, data shows that shoppers spent $238 million during this holiday weekend in 2020, up almost 13% from the prior year. 

While you might think it was due to Black Friday specials, it was actually the day before Thanksgiving when the bulk of these sales occurred. Thus, officially dubbing the day before Thanksgiving as Green Wednesday. 

What Is Green Wednesday?

Green Wednesday takes place the day before Thanksgiving when shoppers flood dispensaries to stock up on pre-rolls, vape pens, tinctures, edibles, and more. Although 4/20 still ranks #1 for cannabis sales, Green Wednesday is close behind. 

While the exact cause is unknown, logic suggests several possible theories. First, eating a gigantic meal of one’s favorite dishes for possibly hours on end requires a little extra motivation. Enter—the munchies. 

Thanksgiving tends to involve family gatherings, and for some people, that’s not always the most comfortable place to be. If you’re looking to tune out your weird uncle or find new joy in listening to the same old stories grandma loves to tell, a weed buzz can go a long…

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