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Podcasting is one of the last media platforms untouched by censorship. Naturally, cannabis podcasts are thriving. Listeners are treated to long-form conversations that are insightful, hilarious, and 420-friendly! It’s no wonder the most interesting people in the world choose podcasts to share stories you wouldn’t hear anywhere else. Time to roll it up with our list of the top cannabis podcasts.

Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to a cannabis podcast that doesn’t always end in a complete stoner ramble or a bong giveaway? Some of us are online to listen to real, substantial cannabis content, you know? There’s nothing more satisfying than doing a long drive with a great podcast coming out of the speakers. Covering distance and learning stuff at the same time: now that’s killing two birds with one stone.

Well, there’s always the risk with a cannabis podcast that the host and the guest might get too high, and the whole thing can crumble to pieces. It’s part of the fun of listening to a cannabis podcast. But before it descends into a scrambled stoner conversation, the listener should at least get some healthy, meaty information to walk away with.


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