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Shaping Fire: Ben Cassiday, Putting Terpenes to Work For You

Ben Cassiday is the co-founder of True Terpenes, a company that extracts and distills naturally occurring terpenes harvested from a variety of organically grown plants.
In this episode of the Shaping Fire podcast hosted by Shango Los, Ben and Shango discuss the many commercial applications of raw terpenes, how terpene extracts are affecting the cannabis industry on a wide scale, and where commercial-grade terpenes usually come from.

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The Future of Cannabis May Lie in Terpene Isolation

Terpenes represent the aromatic building blocks of our natural world. They exist in virtually any plant that contains a fragrance, which also happens to include cannabis. It would seem natural that the pursuit of preserving the terpenes that exist within our favorite plant profiles would also translate into the cannabis extract industry. After all, cannabis has been known to carry over a hundred known terpenes that are largely responsible for creating our favorite strain flavor profiles.
Fortunately for the cannabis industry, terpene extraction is not only a reality but the next new craze in cannabis compound isolation.

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Therapeutic Benefits of Linalool in Cannabis

Essential oils have been used for their healing attributes for thousands of years, earning the moniker of Mankind’s First Medicine.
Essential oils are the aromatics extracted from plants; they are the regenerating, oxygenating, and immune defense properties of plants. They are very powerful antioxidants that provide a wide variety of distinct health benefits depending on the plant from which the oil was distilled.
Terpenes are the primary components that make up essential oils, they are the largest family of natural compounds found throughout nature.

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