The 6 Best Cannabis Drying Racks

One of the most important stages of cultivating cannabis is drying and curing your plants. It’s where growers lock in those volatile terpenes and make sure the potency and quality are where they need to be.

There are a couple of different ways to go about drying and curing cannabis plants. For the most part, according to multiple head cultivators, people hang their plants along clotheslines to dry. It seems to have the best effects; however, for some home growers (and a few commercial growers), drying racks prove to be a better option.

The choice between hang drying or laying your plants on drying racks is all about personal preference, space availability, and budget.

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What are drying racks?

Drying racks are tools that help drain the water out of your cannabis buds. They can be anything from shelving units to wire lines.

Hanging plants across lines requires a lot of space, so the primary advantage of drying racks is that they help you save space when you don’t have that extra room for drying. Another benefit, besides maximizing your space, is that they help you dry buds that won’t hang. While…

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