In Defense of Philando Castile & Smoking Cannabis

For the rest of my life, I will remember the name of Philando Castile, a 32 year old African American man who was racially profiled, pulled over and hastily, recklessly shot to death by former St. Anthony (Minnesota) police department officer Jeronimo Yanez. Yanez irrationally feared for his life after Castile calmly and responsibly informed him that he was in possession of a firearm during the traffic stop. Yanez pulled Philando Castile over with the dishonest excuse of a cracked taillight, but in truth, Yanez had radioed to dispatch that he was pulling Castile over because of his “wide-set nose,” which made him think of an alleged suspect in a then recent convenience store robbery days before. #PhilandoCastile became another famous internet hashtag name because his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds made a Facebook Live video that went viral, showing the immediate aftermath of the shooting in which Jeronimo was having an obviously guilt-ridden emotional breakdown as Philando was dying before our eyes online.

The Twin Cities, i.e. the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area, is a hotbed for anti-police brutality protest demonstrations. Thousands of people here took to the streets…

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