The 6 Best Games to Play While High in 2023

Contemporary canna-sseurs and boho game aficionados alike can agree that stoned game night is a singular pleasure, especially when the game in question is straight-up cannabis-themed.

Unlike other “mature” board games and card games that require some manner of focus, point scoring, rule keeping, and attention maintaining, stoner games are typically built on the premise that most, if not all, players are too high for that nonsense. In fact, the best stoner games are not focused on strategy or high scores at all. The best stoner games are focused on connection, getting absolutely zooted, and making you laugh till you wheeze and/or pee a little.

And while we’re still totally pro getting high and playing video games, in-person game nights with a few pals can also deliver some delicious memories and inside jokes that you’ll laugh about for years to come. Here are a few of our own game night favorites.

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Suddenly Stoned

This low-stakes card drawing game is super easy and can be played with or without score keeping. The directive is to draw a card and execute the command, the commands getting…

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