9 Best Weed Strains for Video Games

Where there were video games, there had been cannabis all along. Gamers immediately discovered that they worked well together on many levels. Whether you’re reaching for top scores or escaping to fantasy worlds – getting high can improve your skills. Elevate your game and your high, as we guide you through our favourite strain and game parings.

Video games and weed: a match made in heaven?

In a pursuit to understand what brings humans happiness, psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi researched cognitive flow. It’s an elusive mental state in which high levels of immersion, focus and productivity become effortless. What he didn’t realise is that he stumbled upon a formula for optimal game design. 

The psychology behind getting ‘in the zone’ is crucial when designing an interactive and enjoyable game. To put it simply, video games need to slide into a goldilocks zone of ‘not too boring’, ‘not too hard for a player to reach flow state.

Within this ‘flow’, all sense of time and self-awareness go out the window. Like when you’re holding your breath and clenching your ass tighter with every button mash – almost spilling the weed…

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