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Go All in This 420, Las Vegas Style

As the legions of cannabis enthusiasts enjoy our high holiday of 420 in any of the eight states that have officially legalized adult-use marijuana, the rest of the country is either hiding their celebration in a secluded spot or headed to Las Vegas where medical marijuana reciprocity rules the land.
If you happen to have taken the Sin City route this year, you’d be wise to visit the following spots:
(Caveat: While anyone hoping to shop for their favorite strain will still need their medical marijuana card (it’s a bummer, we know), in just a few short months it

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The Etymology of 420 by Fred Gardner

Last year I got invited to an “Eve-of-420” party at a club in San Rafael called Terrapin Crossroads, launched by Phil Lesh of Grateful Dead fame. There was valet parking, a rare treat for my 1986 Volvo. I told the attendant, “It’s not a jalopy, it’s a classic.”
As I approached the entrance a tall, longhaired person named Tree was giving away thin squares of chocolate laced with cannabis oil. Maybe more than I wanted to ingest.

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How did 420 Start? The Term 420 is Synonymous with the Freedom to Smoke Pot, but why?

How did 420 Start? Where did the term 420 come from? It is a question many of us have asked, usually around 4:20am (if it was a late night), or 4:20pm (if you’re night is just getting started). But, for me, 420 just means smoke em because you can.The term 420 suggests that there are several times in ones day that they could choose to partake with cannabis, It’s a time where drug law reform advocates demand the right, liberty and freedom for people to imbibe with cannabis on whatever terms they choose.

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420 event guide: 2017 edition

420 is just several hours away and you still haven’t made plans.
No worries, we got you with our annual guide to the best 420 parties throughout the nation. Whether you’re catching some comedy from Mike Epps in Seattle, catching a DJ set in Denver, or hanging out with Damian Marley in LA, this year’s 420 will definitely be one for the history books.
Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley meet and greet.

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Colorado Marijuana DUIs Down 33% From Last Year

The Colorado Department of Transportation has reported that the number of citations for driving under the influence of marijuana dropped by 33.2% in the first quarter of 2017, compared to the first quarter of 2016. The Colorado State Patrol reported that only 155 people were cited for pot-impaired driving between January and March of this year, compared to 232 cited during the same months of last year.

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Cannabis Shops & Dispensaries Prepare for Record-Breaking Sales This 4/20

Forget Christmas and Black Friday, for cannabis retailers the jolliest and most fruitful day of the year takes place on April 20, the international “high holiday” for tokers everywhere. States with recreational legalization are bracing themselves for an extremely profitable day, and the Denver seed-to-sale software provider MJ Freeway has the numbers to support their expectations.

According to their data, average 4/20 sales in 2016 amounted to almost twice the amount of any other standard day, creating an average of over $24,000 in revenue for each retailer.

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420 Sin City Style – The Weed Blog

With pot now being legal in the state of Nevada, you can say that this year’s 420 is about to be “lit”. Most dispensaries across the valley are having tent parties with giveaways and there are a couple of grand openings set for 420. There’s no better way for a stoner to celebrate 420 than to do it 420 Sin City style!Sahara Wellness is located on East Sahara in the Vegas Valley, and it is actually the very FIRST medical marijuana dispensary in Nevada to be exclusively owned and ran by women.

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Cannabis Cuisine at the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

The link between cannabis and cuisine is quite possibly as old as cuisine and cannabis themselves! From April 20th, the temporary exhibition ‘Cannabis Cuisine’ at the Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum in Barcelona sets the table for a dinner full of hemp, invites you to devour the history of cannabis edibles and orders you a delicious dessert of recipes! To celebrate April 20th 2017, the date celebrated throughout the cannabis-consuming community as being linked to the “magic cannabis number” 420, there are many events taking place all around the world.

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