Monday , 18 February 2019
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Alex Jones explains in custody testimony why he smokes weed once a year

The stoner holiday 4/20 was relatively chill for most pot smokers except for Alex Jones, whose trial for the custody of his children went off the rails during his testimony on Thursday.

The embroiled radio personality took the witness stand to provide a questionable testimony, which included a moment when Jones explained to the court why he takes it upon himself to smoke weed at least once a year.
According to a BuzzFeed News report:
Jones said he sometimes smokes marijuana — nearly yearly — “to monitor its strength, which is how law enforcement does it.” He then added

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Rep. Earl Blumenauer Becomes First Elected Official to Do AMA with Reddit’s Cannabis Community

If you’re into talking about weed online - and let’s face it, you are - you’ve most likely clicked your way over to Reddit’s cannabis subsection /r/trees to check out home-grows from around the world or chat with like-minded stoners. You definitely aren’t alone, and as part of yesterday’s 4/20 celebration, we teamed up with /r/trees and Congressional Cannabis Caucus member and just flat out chill Oregon legislator Earl Blumenauer for a special holiday edition of “Ask Me Anything.”

Members of Congress are now doing AMAs on the subreddit devoted to marijuana use, truly America is already great.

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Pot Activists Face Federal Charges for Offering Free Joints to Congressional Staff

Seven marijuana activists were arrested on federal charges yesterday for offering free joints to Congressional staff, even though they were in compliance with Washington D.C. laws.

On 4/20, the D.C. Cannabis Campaign (DCMJ) brought 1,227 joints to offer to any willing Capitol Hill staff in order to show support for House bill H.R. 1227 , which would cut back federal cannabis prohibition. The activists deliberately set up on non-federally-owned land, so that they would remain in accordance with D.C. law, which allows individuals to possess and give away small amounts of marijuana.

This didn't stop the U.S.

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New CBS News Poll Finds More Public Support for Marijuana Legalization Than Ever

If the results of the latest CBS News poll paint an accurate portrait of the population’s overall stance of marijuana legalization in the United States, all of those Congressional forces taking up space on Capitol Hill may soon have no choice but to give the issue some serious consideration.

The new survey, which was posted today, on the stoner’s holiday 420, finds that 61 percent of the America public now believes that marijuana should be taxed and regulated in a manner similar to alcohol and tobacco.

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Not Everyone Is High On Minnesota Police Department’s 4/20 Tweet

Humor is a subjective thing, especially if the subject is something that could get you arrested ― like marijuana.
The weed is illegal in Minnesota, which is why some people aren’t high on this 4/20 tweet from the police department in the town of Wyoming.
Undercover #420 operations are in place. Discreet traps have been set up throughout the city today. #Happy420— Wyoming, MN Police (@wyomingpd) April 20, 2017

Yes, the tweet was meant to be funny, and many people took it that way.

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Chill Out With These 420-Inspired Relaxing Stretches

In honor of today's incredibly important holiday, the Hollywood location of Equinox partnered with cannabis company Lord Jones  to create an active recovery routine that pairs perfectly with the company's signature CBD-infused lotion. This compound is found in marijuana, but doesn't get you high. Instead, it has been known to produce pain relief and feelings of relaxation, meaning it's perfect for a chilled-out yoga session."While I’ll always suggest movement over not moving, chronic movement without regeneration is also damaging," says Derek Beres, a trainer at Equinox Hollywood who helped devise the Higher Healing workshop.

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What Is 4/20 Anyway? | The Huffington Post

Cannabis has long been the target of criminalization and its use remains a hotly debated topic. Yet more and more states are legalizing the substance. They’re putting plans into action on how to regulate weed, and with countries like Canada planning legalization by July 2018, there’s no more burying the subculture surrounding cannabis. For those of you less tapped into “weed culture”, you may have heard the words “four twenty” thrown around.

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