Pre-roll tech: A top marijuana CTO explains how to roll over 5 million joints in a year

(Mitchell Wagner, co-founder and CTO of Wagner Dimas Inc.)

As cannabis smoking accessories become more advanced and hi-tech, there’s nothing that beats a well-rolled joint.

The success of Wagner Dimas, Inc. is living proof. The company, co-founded by CTO Mitchell Wagner, developed a platform that led to the manufacturing of over 5 million pre-filled joints and cones in 2017 — by far the most made in California, and perhaps the world.

Wagner Dimas’ platform has been licensed to the company Herban Engineers, which uses the technology to produce and package several top brands such as Lucy’s, Rockets, and Mericanna.

The massive success behind their platform is the reason why Wagner will be featured to speak at a tech panel for the upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco February 1-2.

In anticipation of the event, Wagner was gracious enough to answer a few questions about the current and future landscape of cannabis pre-rolls.

Smell the Truth: What makes a good pre-roll?

Mitchell Wagner: A good pre-roll looks clean and functions properly. Everyone’s preference is little different, so we make a wide variety with different…

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