OG Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Strain Overview

The Scoop: Thanks to the timely propagation of OG Kush back in the early 1990s, California’s hybridized genetics have benefited dramatically. Mysteriously cloaked by its vague parental downline – thought to be a cross of Chemdawg and Hindu Kush – its elevated THC content and lofty flavor profile represented a dramatic game changer for Southern California’s skilled cultivators. Rolled out during “Bubba” Clinton’s first term in office, OG Kush was one of the first strains with a dramatically elevated THC content.

The Result: Despite its Indica-dominant status, the OG Kush high tends to be more cerebral than physical. A trendsetting strain that was ahead of its time, OG Kush’s flavor profile and potency set an incredibly high bar for future cultivators to reach. A great strain for both recreational consumption and medicating, OG Kush helps the physically overburdened relax and concentrate on their tasks at hand.

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The Verdict: While the origin of the “OG” nomenclature remains up for debate – some say the acronym stands for “Ocean Grown” while others claim it’s a reference to…

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