Idiot’s Guide to Joint Rolling: The Cannon Method

My favorite way to enjoy weed is traditional: smoking joints.

It’s simple, communal, and usually, someone else has already rolled it. Whether it be a preroll or rolled by hand, joints have always been my preferred method of consumption (i.e., my jam)

While rolling a joint isn’t exactly rocket science, it can prove to be tricky for some — impossible for others. If you have big, clumsy fingers, or just don’t know how, rolling joints can be a big source of anxiety. No one likes the person who never rolls, but no one likes joints that come out loose, burn too fast, or look ugly, either. Rolling a bad joint is embarrassing.

Before you swear off weed/socializing, take a look at our Five-Step Cannon Method to rolling (aka packing) a joint. While this method requires more tools (see below) and steps than other methods, it’s a relatively simple and manageable approach to producing a good-looking, long-lasting joint.


  • Rolling Paper
  • Filter Paper
  • Piece of Notebook Paper
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Grinder
  • ½ to 1 gram of Weed
  • Chopstick (optional)

Step 1: Grinding

First things first: we need to break up that bud. You can break down your weed any number of ways, but using a…

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