Animal Cookies Marijuana Strain Review

Strain Overview

The Scoop: Animal Cookies an offspring of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) x Fire OG Bx3 — is true to its incredibly potent gene pool. A breathtaking strain with a plethora of medicinal benefits, Animal Cookies is a lofty creation from the talented breeders at BC Bud Depot. Often cited as a tasty source of effectual pain relief, Animal Cookies (AC) is notorious for inspiring perpetual couch lock, blank stares, and a healthy disregard for the passage of time.

The Result: A perfect strain for pushing aside anxiety derived from the daily 9-to-5 grind, Animal Cookies (an Indica-dominant hybrid) typically offers unparallelled bag appeal in conjunction with an elevated THC profile. Though Animal Cookies has yet to win any major awards, her crowd-pleasing appearance and anxiety crushing compounds are sure to win over fans of alternative medicine.

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The Verdict: When unleashed by America’s skilled cultivators, Animal Cookies exhibits a rather bipolar personality. Amplified by the brute force of the Fire OG Bx3 and sweetened by the genetic predisposition of the original GSC, Animal Cookies provides greater potency…

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