7 Best Weed Strains for Sleep

Some people say that cannabis helps them drift off into a restful sleep, and others say it keeps them awake all night with creative impulses. Well – if you’re looking to treat insomnia with weed, it’s all about choosing the right strain. You won’t make the mistake of smoking energising weed before bed if you take our strain recommendations in this article!

Completely exhausted, but can’t wind down enough to fall asleep. Absolutely sleep deprived, but can’t shut the mind up enough to close your eyes. Could there be anything worse? Insomnia: an unfortunate and extremely frustrating sleep disorder that affects so many people.

Many experience insomnia as a symptom of other ailments, such as PTSD or night terrors. But for others, insomnia is something that just takes hold in life every now and then. And there are lots of different “cures” out there.

From sleeping tablets to hardcore exercise before bed, there’s still one solution physicians are less likely to throw out there. THC. While it’s not a one-stop shop for all sleep problems, cannabis can have that effect of providing some much-needed time off.

So, to all those insomniacs, this…

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