11 Steps to Dab Like a Gentleman

Dabbing has come a long way since the dark ages  — circa 2011 — when hash often looked more like horse manure than hash. Now, hash looks a lot like a jewelry store. With the advent of more polished, modern hash, has come a myriad of matching hash accouterments. From terpene juice to THC crystals, live resin to full melt, the array of hash options for cannabis connoisseurs is endless. But you can’t dab the best hash on planet earth without the proper accessories. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to hash like a true dab connoisseur:

Step 1: Lose the Hat Pins

Those were so 2012. Jokes aside, if you want to rep a pin or two on your hat, that’s totally cool. It’s when your hat becomes more pin than hat that you develop a serious problem.

Step 2: Use Q-Tips

The most crucial element in any dabber’s arsenal? What is the Q-Tip for 500! Yes, a sliver of cotton has become the most essential part of any serious cannabis consumer’s wardrobe. Whether you call it a “Glob Mop” or a Q-Tip, the function is really quite simple: erase unwanted residue and reclaim from a nail. A clean nail allows you to clearly taste and savor every cannabis-derived terpene…

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