State Medical Cannabis Laws Graded by Patient Advocates in New Report from Americans for Safe Access (ASA)

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) has been working for the medical cannabis community and has been a huge voice in the cannabis movement overall for 20 years, which is something we should all be so grateful for.  ASA focuses specifically on access to medical cannabis for therapeutic and research purposes, and on the whole medical marijuana patient experience.

Just last week, ASA released their annual report that essentially grades different U.S. states on their medical cannabis programs.  Perhaps one of the most exciting statistics they mentioned in their press briefing for me was the fact that when ASA first started doing these reports in 2014, there were only 14 states that they graded.  In this newly published report from 2022, they graded a whopping 55 states/territories…wow!! However, no state was given an A, and the grading was done on a curve.

The overall winner for ASA in 2022? Maryland with a B-. States were not given bonuses this year as they have been in the past and instead they were given penalties for poor policies and/or patient experience.  There was a 46.16% average grade for the states and territories they reviewed. 

ASA stated that they are…

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