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Marijuana is a gateway drug – this statement has become outdated and disproven. In this article we will explore where the myth may have started that marijuana is a gateway to harder drug use. We’ll also explore the scientific evidence that shows that a causal relationship between the two things does not exist. Keep reading if you’re ready to bust the oldest marijuana myth!

It may well be the marijuana myth that can never die that marijuana is a gateway drug. Although public opinion supports this hypothesis, the evidence continues to build against this puzzling myth. There are actually studies out there that support this theory, too, but as our library of scientific research of marijuana grows, we are finding that the majority of people probably got it entirely wrong.

Modern studies show that it is somewhat uncalled for to say that marijuana predisposes people to using harder drugs in the future. Although there might be a correlation between the two, it is not necessarily causal. This myth gets busted today as we show where this rumor might have started and the evidence that stacks up against it.

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