Need to Know: DACA, Government Shutdowns, and Our “Shithole” President – News

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Here at MERRY JANE we’re convinced that the world revolves around cannabis. From politics to culture, civil rights to economics, you can find keef dusted across every facet of modern life. But in these increasingly divided times, where natural disasters go damn-near ignored for two months and Twitter fingers have almost literally become trigger fingers, it’s become increasingly important to highlight the most pressing news outside of the cannabis space. In a recurring round-up, MERRY JANE will break down the stories making waves in media, politics, technology, and culture — keeping you up to date on what’s making our world tick. Here’s what you Need to Know.

When Donald Trump won the presidency and assumed his seat in the Oval Office a year ago this week, immigration advocates were understandably nervous about the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, an Obama-era policy allowing children brought into America by parents without proper documentation to avoid deportation and work towards citizenship.

After hooking his campaign to the wagon of America’s racist anti-immigration fringe, Trump took office and…

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