Legal – illegal – rational: We lack good examples

So far, Uruguay is the only country in world to legalise cannabis on a national level. Everywhere else that you can buy cannabis or hashish without much fuss, there is a catch. Sales are either simply tolerated, as in the Netherlands and Spain, or they are only permitted for medical reasons, as in some US states, Jamaica or Germany. Elsewhere, there are geographical limits to legality within the state, as in Colorado and the other eight US states plus Washington D.C., where the forbidden plant was once again legalised by popular vote for recreation, after almost 100 years of being banned.

Legal – illegal – rational: We lack good examples - Sensi Seeds Blog

Uruguay did not prepare

Taking a look at South America, however, clearly shows, that, almost four years after legalisation, the circumstances in Uruguay do not really provide an example that other countries with similar intentions should follow:

– So far, smokers in Uruguay have no way of buying cannabis legally. The media in Uruguay recently reported that a sales system through pharmacies could be put in place across the country this…

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