CBD patch turns ex-NFL-er Reggie Williams into cannabidiol disciple

SAN FRANCISCO — The flesh-colored bandage is sealed to the southeastern region of Reggie Williams’ knee.

The former Cincinnati Bengals star linebacker doesn’t go anywhere without his 96-hour pain reliever. It helps him live with a right knee that is as gnarled as redwood burl.

The patch has turned Williams, 62, into a disciple of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive ingredient found in the marijuana plant that many say has therapeutic value.

“I’ve tried everything,” said Williams, who lost two Super Bowls to the 49ers. “More than even smoking, this patch is consistently making a positive difference.”

He needed crutches to walk before trying the CBD dressing 1½ years ago. This is the consequence of 24 knee surgeries. Williams almost had a leg amputated because of infections and bone complications.

Now Williams is one of the legions of retired NFL players extolling the virtues of medical marijuana. Players such as Williams have become outspoken advocates for cannabis use…

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