Weed Will Be Legal in L.A., but Renters and Tourists Will Have to Break the Law to Get Stoned – News

In California’s two decades with largely unregulated legal medical marijuana, Los Angeles has been by far the largest hub of cannabis confusion, with hundreds of unlicensed shops constantly being raided and re-opened, with little rhyme or reason keeping the tenuous industry together. However, with recreational legalization set to completely reshape the industry at the beginning of next year, the city is finally drafting concrete rules for the entire seed to sale process. But while dispensaries, grow houses and extraction facilities will finally have localized stamps of approval, the same cannot be said for social cannabis consumption lounges or clubs, an oversight that some advocates say undermines the entire industry.

According to the Los Angeles Times, local and state regulations allow smoking, eating and vaping marijuana products on one’s own property, but for renters, tourists, and those with children or the elderly living in their homes, finding a place to legally and comfortably consume cannabis will be a challenge.

“It’s ridiculous that the city doesn’t consider that,” Bruce Margolin, executive director of NORML’s L.A. chapter and a practicing…

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