Nevada Gaming Commission Reaffirms Ban on Legal Cannabis in Casinos – News

Back in November, the state of Nevada voted to legalize recreational cannabis, effectively adding another tourist honeytrap to the state’s internationally acclaimed gaming industry. However, visitors looking to dabble in both Sin City’s green and gambling will have to do so separately or risk running into trouble with some 420-unfriendly pit bosses.

After a policy meeting last Thursday, the Nevada Gaming Commission reaffirmed that the consumption and possession of marijuana will remain illegal in casinos as long as the plant remains a federal felony. State regulators have stated that cannabis could threaten the reputation of the renowned gaming industry, and unanimously opposed the integration of legal pot into gambling resorts.   

For now, public use of marijuana is illegal in Nevada, meaning that tourists looking to mingle in pot shops and slot machines must be discreet in their enjoyment. Instead of creating their own policy for the gaming industry, some committee members have used the public consumption law to support their reasoning. Others simply pointed to federal prohibition, arguing that casinos should operate in accordance to United States law.   

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