Maine Lawmakers Using Colorado Cannabis Expert to Help Craft Recreational Regulations – News

Just as cannabis legalization has swept through the West Coast, the northeastern region of New England is also riding the green wave. While Massachusetts struggles to implement its own voter-approved recreational marijuana system, the neighboring state of Maine has sought out a renowned pot expert to help craft cannabis regulations. In order to ensure that The Pine Tree State implements recreational cannabis the right way, Maine’s Marijuana Legalization Implementation Committee is taking advice from Andrew Freedman, also known as Colorado’s “marijuana czar.”

Freedman, who is the first Director of Marijuana Coordination in Colorado, spent over an hour meeting and sharing data on recreational cannabis use with the committee. A number of his findings helped quell the fears that some lawmakers harbor about legalization, particularly regarding increased cannabis use among the youth. According to his stats, cannabis consumption among both adults and teens has not risen alongside legalization.

However, some statistics could be viewed in a negative light. For instance, Colorado has seen an increase in hospital emergency room visits, primarily due to tourists…

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