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As Canada braces itself for the legalization of recreational cannabis next year, the Canadian government has been busy developing regulations that would make the market as professional and tedious as possible. This week, officials have placed public safety in the spotlight, with a comprehensive set of guidelines that they hope will promote safe marijuana use.

On Friday, the Canadian Research Initiative on Substance Misuse released a laundry list of recommendations for those who plan to partake in the imminent recreational market. Although there’s no groundbreaking information in these guidelines per say, the ultimate aim seems to be preventing the negative effects of cannabis use, such as memory loss, impairment, and possible mental health issues.

The newly drafted guidelines suggest that users should:

  • Avoid cannabis use at a young age, specifically before 16.  
  • Opt for “lower risk” cannabis instead of products with higher levels of THC.
  • Not use synthetic cannabis products like “K2” or “Spice.”
  • Consume edibles or vaporize cannabis instead of smoking it.
  • Limit overall cannabis use.  
  • Avoid “deep inhalation” of cannabis.
  • Not drive or…

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