Sensi Amnesia Automatic Grow Report (Indoor)

Sensi Amnesia Automatic is an easy-to-grow and rewarding strain. Yields are excellent, finishing times are quick, and the refreshing tropical profile puts a smile on gardeners’ faces. The effects are uplifting and euphoric, which aligns with its sativa dominant lineage. Plants grow to an average height, and no special training techniques are required.

Flowering Stage: 61 days

Total time, seed to harvest: 84 days

Final yield: 134 grams

THC content: 15.5%

Sensi Amnesia Automatic is an exclusive cultivar found only through Sensi Seeds. It is popular not only because of its genetic lineage, but the flavour profile and effects make this a standout strain. Sensi Amnesia was created using Jamaican Pearl, Afghani #1, and Hawaiian Indica. Effects from the female flowers often recreate the favourable effects of sativas, while the indica lineage breaks through, for a relaxing experience.

As an automatic strain, Sensi Amnesia was made for growers that needed a plant that was quick to finish the seed-to-harvest process. Indoors, this plant thrives. Outdoors, due to the automatic trait, Sensi Amnesia automatic can be grown in cooler climates and those that experience heavy rains later in…

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About Sensi Seeds

Welcome to the About Sensi Seeds section of the website. Here you can discover the stories behind many different facets of this legendary seed company, from its beginnings as one man’s passion and a small collection of very special seeds to the impact that the Sensi gene bank has had on medicinal marijuana and the culture of cannabis in the Netherlands and beyond. Sensi Seeds has expanded over the last few decades to include sister companies devoted to industrial hemp, to educating the public on the true effects and potential of cannabis, and even to pure relaxation in beautiful surroundings. All branches of the company are founded on the same ethic: it’s not just about Sensi Seeds, it’s about the plant.

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