Low-Stress Training to Increase Yields

Low-stress training is an easy-to-learn plant training technique that offers minimal risk to the growing
cycle with high rewards. Those rewards come in the form of increased yields, boosting light efficiency
per watt, and using all available canopy space within a growing area. A standard tool for experienced
gardeners, it is also usually the first technique learned.

Plant training is a common practice in farming and has been traced back thousands of years. Growers can achieve improved results by manipulating the cannabis plant into specific shapes. This is achieved through two general schools of methodology, LST (low-stress training) and HST (high-stress training). Each has its advantages, and growers often use both in tandem. 

Bending, breaking, and cutting a plant can be intimidating for new growers. However, low-stress training is the gentlest form of plant manipulation and has a low margin of error. New gardeners will feel more comfortable with this process, which even experienced growers use regularly. The fact is that yields can be increased with just LST alone. LST is the least difficult plant training technique to learn. The materials needed are minimal and…

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