How to Increase Terpenes in Cannabis Plants

Terpenes, after cannabinoids, are the best-known compounds found in cannabis. Along with their potential medicinal effects, they’re primarily responsible for different aromas and flavours of cannabis. What are the different ways growers can increase terpene levels from germination to drying and curing?

If you are new to growing, or cannabis in general, terpenes are compounds that give cannabis its flavour and aroma. They are a combination of carbon and hydrogen classified by the number of isoprene units needed to build the molecule.

Not only are they responsible for the aromas and flavours of your cannabis buds, but they are thought to have numerous medicinal properties and influence the type of high that users experience. Together with cannabinoids and flavonoids, terpenes form what is called an entourage effect.

About 10-30% of cannabis resin comprises various terpenes. Some terpenes are found regularly, while others are rarely found in cannabis. The percentage of certain terpenes and the ratios in which they occur vary depending on the plant variety and environmental conditions.

Plants produce terpenes to attract pollinators, beneficial insects, and repel animals or…

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