The Secret Service relaxes marijuana restrictions for new recruits

(photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

The Secret Service is looking for qualified professionals to add to their ranks, regardless if they smoke weed.

In a press briefing held earlier this month, the agency’s newly appointed director Randolph Alles announced a looser drug policy regarding marijuana use, reports CNN.

The agency’s new policy will no longer automatically disqualify candidates for past marijuana use. Instead, the applicant’s age and the amount of time between the last time they used pot will be used to determine their qualifications.

According to Salon, potential hires the age of 24 and under can admit to marijuana use if it’s been at least one year since they last smoked pot, while candidates 28 and older are required to be clean for the past five years.

“We need more people. The mission has changed,” Alles told the press. “It’s more dynamic and way more dangerous than it has been in years past.”

Alles believes that the agency would struggle to fill thousands of positions under the old drug policy. Despite the leniency for pot, however, the Secret Service will still hold strict interview standards…

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