Valentine’s Day 2023 Gift Guide: The Best Cannabis Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Whether you are celebrating love with a stoner sweetie, friends, family, or yourself, these are the best cannabis gifts for Valentine’s Day in 2023.

The Best Cannabis Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2023

THC Dark Chocolate Body Paint from HighOnLove

HighOnLove’s limited-release Dark Chocolate Body Paint infused with 100mg of THC is a deliciously edible aphrodisiac designed to bring a higher level of intimacy into the bedroom. The Dark Chocolate Body Paint comes in an elegant heart-shaped glass bottle and includes a paint brush for application. The body paint is available with THC (in Colorado dispensaries) and the version without THC is available online.  A perfect gift to celebrate the day we celebrate love! 

Canna Style Crystal Ball Bong 

Invite your friends to cast their witchy spells and predict your very stoney future with each puff on this crystal ball bong this Valentine’s Day! Watch the crystal ball fill with smoke while inhaling through the bong’s unique shower-head percolator with superior smoke filtration. With each inhale, the ball with fill with smoke and give off that moody and mysterious vibe! Features a shower-head percolator for…

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