Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. Is Suing a Colorado CBD Company for Copyright Infringement – News

With everyone and their mother looking to brand their own unique cannabis products and cash in on the country’s legal weed green rush, the once illicit drug has been seeing court cases move from drug crimes to intellectual property disputes, with companies like Gorilla Glue and the Girl Scouts of America fighting to protect their trademarks from the sticky fingers of the cannabis industry.

However, the latest lawsuit over a name games doesn’t concern Lucas Films and Skywalker OG, or Fruity Pebbles and Post Foods. It is instead the result of actress and businesswoman Jessica Alba flexing the supposedly toxin-free muscles of her Honest Co. home goods brand over Honest Herbal, a Colorado-based CBD seller with a name that also boasts significant amounts of honesty. 

According to TMZ, court filings suggest that Honest Herbal used the word ‘honest’ in their branding to try and draw a false association with Alba’s Honest and their widely distributed diapers, soaps and detergents.The lawsuit also claims that Honest Co. sent a cease and desist letter to the Colorado CBD company, but was ignored entirely.

This isn’t the first time that Alba and Honest Co. have…

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