Recreational marijuana could soon be sold at California county fairs

(Photo by David Downs)

California county fair goers might soon be able to enjoy some legal pot alongside the usual funnel cakes and deep-fried candy bars.

Senate Bill 94 was recently attached to California’s budget, which would allow marijuana vendors to apply for temporary licenses to sell their products on fairgrounds, reports CBS San Francisco.

Under the bill, adults 21 and over would be allowed to purchase weed on fairgrounds, although any type of marijuana use would be restricted to special areas not visible to the public.

“It is onsite sales and consumption. So think beer garden,” California Growers Association executive director Hezekiah Allen told CBS. “The business that’s applying for it will have to meet every regulation and every requirement of the entire regulatory framework.”

Another piece of legislation, Assembly Bill 110, passed through the Senate last Thursday to legalize cannabis-related festivals at some local, state-owned fairgrounds, reports ABC 7.

What the bills do not cover, however, is a Proposition 64 stipulation that restricts marijuana from being sold in the same establishment as…

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