This County in Washington State is Forcing All of its Cannabis Farms to Close – News

Commissioners of an eastern Washington county have approved new regulations that will force every cannabis farm in its jurisdiction to close by next year, says a report from The Stranger. Chelan County has traditionally been a prime location for agriculture, and cannabis farmers flocked to the area when the Evergreen State began issuing permits for cannabis grows in 2014. By August of 2016, there were a total of 23 cannabis producers or processors located in the county.

Neighbors of these new businesses soon began to complain about the smell of marijuana wafting from these farms, along with increased traffic and nighttime security lights. County officials reacted by banning any further cannabis farms from opening in the area. In January 2016, officials told all of the existing canna-businesses that they must close up shop and leave the county by 2018.

This August, county commissioners voted on a compromise agreement, which would allow canna-businesses to stay in the county if they followed a new set of zoning and building regulations. None of these businesses currently meet these new requirements, however, and almost none of them even have a chance of upgrading their…

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