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Like the rest of you, we at MERRY JANE watched anxiously as hordes of white nationalists, emboldened and abetted by Donald Trump, clashed with protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia over the proposed removal of a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee. We’ve been inspired by scenes of people taking a stand against hate in both Durham, North Carolina and Boston, Massachusetts, and we’ve been disgusted by Donald Trump’s equivocation on the subject of white supremacy itself.

The struggle against white supremacy in America is, at its core, a structural one. Every element of every institution in a society is connected in some way to every other element of every other institution, and so to stamp out something as sinister as racism, which is so deeply embedded in our national DNA that people of color often feel its sting simply by going about their everyday lives, we have to be willing to make fundamental changes on every level. This means things like undoing partisan gerrymandering to restore faith in our voting system; overhauling our healthcare, legal, and education systems so that they no longer favor the privileged; limiting the power of the Presidency so…

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