Why Weed Makes Music Sound So Much Better

You’re probably used to sparking up a joint and turning on your favourite song. But do you know why you do that? There is some evidence out there to suggest that there is a link between your enjoyment of music and cannabis use. Read this article to learn more about smoking weed with music.

It seems we can all testify to the fact that smoking weed makes music sound better, but is there any evidence to support it? Is this notion just a stoned dream that cannabis enthusiasts have been deluded by? Well, it seems there must be some truth in it. Rastafarian music basically revolves around this principle.

Interestingly, research exists about this very topic. Stoners might not be surprised to find out that marijuana use does, in fact, have a very profound effect on the perception of music and sound. It might actually be true that smoking weed completely changes the musical experience.

What history tells us

Well, history basically speaks for itself. It is a plethora of songs and cultures that have preached about cannabis and music. In fact, human beings started writing songs about

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