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The Strain Review is the quintessential column. And since cannabis consumers come in many forms, we’ve included multiple points of view. Our longtime reviewer Monterey Bud joins Managing Editor Lesley Nickus, Allena Braithwaite and Suzy Nguyen. Today, they’ll be reviewing Enjoyable’s Enjoyable OG.

Enjoyable OG was not submitted for lab testing.

Monterey Bud

Robust, fragrant, and exposing a dense plant structure, Enjoyable OG is a predictably potent strain with a seductive lineage. In other words, she’s just what the doctor ordered — good weed for bad moods. I blazed and savored my nug of Enjoyable OG after getting home from another nightmarish commute through the bowels of the Salinas Valley. Laden with swollen calyces and blessed with aromatic terpenes, my nug of Enjoyable OG had a typical musky aroma most often associated with a skillfully cultivated and cured OG. Now cleansed of any latent road rage thanks to my after work joint, I had a minor epiphany while getting high: I think I make a better passenger than a driver.

Allena Braithwaite

Enjoyable OG is nothing short of the cultivar name — an ocean grown joy to toke. These nugs were wonderfully manicured, and they only built anticipation to burn these buds. Enjoyable OG is a breeze to break up by hand. The structure allows you to pull the good stuff off the stem without all the precious trichomes sticking to your hands. I prepped Enjoyable OG in a bong — then realized there was no water in said bong. Once all was situated, I took a huge rip. The flavor profile stays true to an OG, earthy with woody undertones and a hint of musk. The high brought an instant mood boost and didn’t leave me feeling groggy. Rather, I got a light surge of energy, even if only for a few minutes.

Lesley Nickus

Enjoyable OG is aptly named as it is, indeed, enjoyable. The aroma of these medium-green, orange hair-speckled nugs is earthy, yet also light. It broke apart in the grinder with little resistance before being rolled into a joint and shared. Smoking Enjoyable OG was an easy experience. This joint was smooth and smoky. I felt cerebrally uplifted and alert, yet very relaxed throughout my body. During a busy day, I’d choose Enjoyable OG to help me stress less about where to focus my time and energy.

Suzy Nguyen

Enjoyable OG caught me off guard with its gassy flavors. Each hit pulled in amped-up fuel flavors, but left a delicate OG-pine aftertaste. After taking in the flavors, my body synced up with the seat cushion and I was feeling super laid-back. Ideas were rolling and I was ready to pump them out. The bud is heavily dusted with trichomes, and the long orange hairs shoved themselves between the crevices of the light-green leaves. The flowers have a potent, earthy stench and break easily between the fingers.

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