Inconsistencies in Oregon’s Cannabis Testing Labs Are Causing Retail Confusion – News

Oregon has the country’s harshest pesticide testing regulations for legal cannabis, but in an industry that has never before been held to government-sanctioned standards, it’s still taking some time for the industry to meet the set standards. 

In an investigative check-up on the current state of Oregon’s testing procedures, reporters from The Oregonian collected a variety of marijuana products from Portland-based retail pot shops and put them to the test. And while most of the product met state safety standards, three out of ten cannabis extracts tested positive for unsanctioned pesticide levels.

In Oregon, marijuana must pass a 59 pesticides screening test before it hits dispensary shelves, but for extract producers who make their product from trim and flower sent from multiple cultivators and a laboratory structure with little oversight, it becomes hard for regulators, producers and consumers alike to distinguish fact from fiction.

And while three extracts testing positive for high pesticide levels is alarming, the more concerning part is that when those same samples were sent to secondary labs for another round of testing, two of the samples came back with…

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