Companies Partner to Study Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Cannabis

About Resource Innovation Institute:
As an objective nonprofit organization, Resource Innovation Institute (RII) quantifies the natural resource impacts of regulated cannabis and points the way to an efficient industry future through proprietary tools such as the Cannabis PowerScore. The Cannabis PowerScore is a 20-minute survey that helps cultivators find ways to maximize energy efficiency while optimizing plant yields, consistency and quality. RII serves our grower members by supporting them to make resource-efficient cultivation decisions. In addition, we help stakeholders, governments and utilities make sense of the resource impacts of cannabis, its integration into communities, and how to productively solve real-time, resource-related market challenges. Through events such as RII’s Efficient Yields grower-led workshop series, we create venues for the exchange of education and best practices with a focus on establishing industry standards that drive conservation and sustainability. Together, we are building a brighter cannabis future.

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