Canadian Dispensaries and the Opioid Substitution Program

Despite the fact that Ontario officials recently announced a government monopoly on pot sales, dispensaries in the province are proving to be a necessity in the fight against opioid addiction.

Marijuana facts billboard in Boston, Massachusetts

North America and much of the Western world are gripped in a deadly opioid epidemic that takes hundreds of lives each day. Data has shown that in places where cannabis is legal, people have been successful at curbing opioid abuse. With that in mind, the Eden Dispensary chain has taken it upon themselves to combat the opioid crisis.

“[Eden] previously had done [its own] study to explore the program and how we can assist our patients in substituting their opiate use with third-party-tested THC capsules,” said Tyler James, Eden’s director of community outreach in an interview with

It was an increase in marijuana purchases by addicts looking to quit opioids that sparked the study. “We saw a demand in the market from our patients who were opiate users,” he added.

The opioid substitution program

The dispensary chain has partnered with Zach Walsh, a clinical psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology…

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