All of Oregon’s Marijuana Will Now Be Tested for Pesticides – News

All of the marijuana batches sold in Oregon must now be tested for pesticides, according to a report from the Oregon Cannabis Connection.

Earlier this week, the state’s Health Authority imposed a list of permanent rules on pesticides that now requires 100 percent of the pot to be directly tested before it can be cleared for retail sale. The updated policy replaces the state’s temporary regulations.

“Every batch of usable marijuana (flower and leaves) must be tested directly for pesticides according to the Oregon Health Authority’s testing rules in order to be compliant. This includes untested product that was collected for sampling prior to August 30,” reads a statement from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC).

“Some temporary rules regarding the sampling and testing of usable marijuana have expired,” the statement continues, “and Oregon Liquor Control Commission Recreational Marijuana Program licensees are required to follow updated OLCC and Oregon Health Authority rules.”

Although Oregon has been credited with having some of the strictest rules in the country to prevent marijuana tainted with pesticides from being sold in dispensaries,…

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