Alcoholics who use marijuana have lower risk of liver disease, study finds

Alcoholics who also smoke weed every day are healthier than heavy drinkers who don’t use marijuana at all, new research suggests.

A peer-reviewed study set to publish in the medical journal Liver International finds that frequent marijuana use can lower the risk of developing liver disease in alcoholics.

“Our study revealed that among alcohol users, individuals who additionally use cannabis (dependent and non-dependent cannabis use) showed significantly lower odds of developing alcoholic steatosis (AS), steatohepatitis (AH), cirrhosis (AC) and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC),” researchers found. “Further, dependent users had significantly lower odds than non-dependent users for developing liver disease.”

The study examined inpatient discharge data for 320,000 adult patients with a history of alcohol abuse. Experts found that 10 percent of alcoholics who used cannabis exhibited lower rates of any kind of liver disease. They found an even lower incidence of liver disease in chronic marijuana users compared to occasional smokers.

Researchers cannot explain why alcoholic pot users are generally healthier, although…

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