United States Cannabis Coalition: Stone and Morgan Cultivate Bipartisan Group

If nothing else, there’s one thing that Roger Stone and John Morgan agree on…

President Trump should absolutely keep his 2016 pledge to support a state’s right to legalize medicinal cannabis.

On Wednesday, Roger Stone and John Morgan issued a press release announcing the creation of a bipartisan coalition – with one primary goal:

“To urge President Trump to honor the pledge he made during the 2016 campaign to support the states’ authority to legalize possession and distribution of cannabis.”

Currently, in the U.S., 29 states have exerted their 10th Amendment right to legalize medicinal cannabis to “various degrees,” and these two political heavyweights want those state rights preserved and protected.

Stone and Morgan come from different sides of the political aisle. Stone, a Republican, has long been an advisor to Pres. Trump; John Morgan, a Democrat, is credited with successfully helping to pass Florida’s constitutional amendment to legalize medicinal marijuana.

Reschedule, legalize, and prescribe


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