Guyanese-American Group Calls For Pot Reform in Guyana

A group of Guyanese-Americans known as the Guyana American Patriotic Forum (GAPF) has called on the Government of Guyana to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis.

In a press release, the group voiced their opposition to citizens of Guyana who are jailed for possessing small amounts of pot for personal use.

“The GAPF is a group of Guyanese-Americans who live in the United States,” said Colin Moore, president of the GAPF in an interview with “Some of our members are attorneys in Guyana and one of them reported to us that there is a young man who had a perfect record, and he was sentenced to two years in prison for possessing a small amount of marijuana, about 2 grams or less.”

Moore added that the group was “very disturbed” by the news. “There are people [in Guyana] who are trafficking in cocaine and heroin. There was one guy who is a big drug trafficker and he was granted bail. He was sentenced and when the authorities went to arrest him, he had escaped to another country.”

Based on situations such as these, Moore and the GAPF feel there is currently a “vast disparity” in sentences imposed. “The fact that they would impose a…

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