Fake News Story Claims Malia Obama Was Busted Purchasing 6 Pounds of Weed in Chicago – News

With Trump’s White House churning out a new scandal at least twice a day, it can sometimes be hard to remember a time before the absurdity, when Obama’s competency forced Republican pundits to harp on the president’s tan suit, and a single photo of Malia Obama smoking a joint at a music festival. 

But even with Trump in power causing all of the mayhem he promised and more, right wing trolls still can’t get enough of Obama slander, attacking the former Head of State and his family with no end or goal in sight. 

In the latest act of racist alt-right fake news, a clearly fictional website called “Nunadisbereel.com,” ran a headline claiming “Malia Obama Busted Buying 6 Pounds of Pot in Chicago.”

The story shows a lead photo with a random array of black people and the former First Daughter, reminding readers of Malia’s Lollapalooza smoke-out before claiming that the current Harvard student flew to Chicago to purchase kush packs and edibles.

The false narrative conjured imagery of Snoop Dogg, thuggery and the skull-cracking Chicago Police Department. It is blatantly racist, illogical, and false – but that hasn’t stopped social media trolls from…

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