DEA Report Casts Doubt on Trump’s Claims That a Border Wall Will Stop Drug Trafficking – News

In his most recent attempts to gain funding and support for his proposed Mexican border wall, President Trump has claimed that the wall will hinder drug cartels from importing illegal drugs into the country. “You need the wall for the drugs,” Trump said at a press conference last week. “The drugs are a tremendous problem. The wall will greatly help with the drug problem.”

However, an intelligence report prepared by the DEA earlier this year casts doubt on the effectiveness of a border wall on fighting drug smuggling. The report states that drugs coming from Mexico are usually concealed in vehicles that enter the country via border crossings, and that drugs from Colombia and other countries arrive via planes and boats, bypassing the border entirely.

Cartels “generally route larger drug shipments destined for the Northeast through the Bahamas and/or South Florida by using a variety of maritime conveyance methods, to include speedboats, fishing vessels, sailboats, yachts, and containerized sea cargo,” according to the report. “In some cases, Dominican Republic-based traffickers will also transport cocaine into Haiti for subsequent shipment to the United States…

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