At Fund-Raiser, Cynthia Nixon Says She Favors Legalizing Marijuana

Cynthia Nixon, the actress and Democratic candidate for governor, told supporters at a private fund-raiser last week that if elected she would seek to legalize marijuana and tax it to raise revenue for New York, attendees said.

“She said that if marijuana is legal we can tax it and make a lot of money from that,” said Julie Klam, an author who attended the event.

Ms. Nixon’s comments about recreational marijuana came at a house party at the Upper West Side home of Isabel Gillies, a writer and former actress. Attendees donated $50 to the campaign, Ms. Gillies said, estimating that about 70 people crammed into her home as her children passed around carrots and pita chips.

Ms. Nixon made some prepared remarks and took questions. She said she would “legalize marijuana and put a tax on it,” Ms. Gillies said.

Dan Davenport, an editor and writer who also attended, recalled that when Ms. Nixon was asked about legalizing marijuana, she “pumped her first and said yes.”

“She was very exuberant about that point,” he said, noting she framed the issue around raising revenue.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has long opposed legalizing recreational marijuana.

Since Ms. Nixon declared her bid…

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