A Gulfstream jet from a quiet airport south-east of Raleigh flew captives to be tortured around the world. The government failed to act but local people have refused to let the issue die : news

With the NSA, CIA and everyone else… there continues to be terrorist attacks. The fact is no matter the amount of surveillance, terrorist attacks will happen.

The question a president, the government and mostly the people should ask is, if attacks will happen regardless because you simply can’t read the thoughts of people, the why should you reduce everyone’s freedom, give away their privacy and treat everyone like shit when the outcome is the same?

The reality is programs like this, where you pick a guy up and take him out of country for torture only does what the military has been doing in the middle east. Kill one guy, you make an enemy of that guys parents, his wife, his children and his friends, then when you kill one of them, again and again. Killing people in an unjust manor will only breed more hate.

The best way to avoid terrorist attacks is not to continue mass surveillance of americans and america in general, but to stop acting as a massive unjust government with no accountability and no care about anyone else in the world, because it’s precisely those things that creates terrorists in the first place.

I forget which guy it was, the unabomber was it that was tested on in a CIA program that turned him into a domestic terrorist, Mcveigh as well was, I don’t think he was tested on but he was driven to it by the governments over reaching at Waco and Ruby Ridge. It’s no real different to creating terrorist in the middle east with the way the American military just decides hey, we want oil and power over there so we’ll just fuck one country up, or another, we’ll topple or support dictators and cause the deaths of innocent people with our actions… is it any wonder people over there started to hate America for their part in what happened?

When you stop acting like that, you’ll stop creating terrorists. The issue for the NSA/CIA/private military contractors is, if America stops acting in a way that causes people to become terrorists…. their jobs get diminished, the CIA/NSA would be cut back, they would lose power, their directors would get smaller budgets and be paid less, etc. They don’t give a shit about the american people but making sure their money keeps rolling in.

Same with the DEA and the head of it refusing to back off from prosecuting, investigating and spending billions on crimes involving weed even as half the country is legalising it, because if they stop all work going after people who buy and use weed, a bunch of their work simply stops, their budget ends up reduced and they lose jobs. It’s outrageous that weed according to them is treated the same way marijuana is treated the same as heroin, and LSD, ecstasy, peyote the same and are treated worse than cocain, meth, fentanyl ffs which is more deadly than all of them combined.

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