Classic Redux Series continues with more superb strains

Get to know the next three cannabis seed strains in our Classic Redux Series! Growers with minimum experience and basic equipment can achieve fabulous results thanks to the combination of award-winning original genetics and feminized, autoflowering traits. We think you’ll love these new expressions of old favourites as much as we do!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the release of the next three cannabis seed strains in our new Classic Redux Series. We’ve been having some really good feedback about all the new varieties in this range that have come out thus far (you can find out more about the first wave here and the second wave here), so it is with both pride and pleasure that we introduce you to the third wave. These are all automatic strains. Although still relatively new as a type of cannabis to cultivate at home, automatic expressions of existing cannabis varieties are rapidly gaining in popularity.

The advantages of automatic cannabis seeds

Medicinal growers who are also patients find automatic…

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About Sensi Seeds

Welcome to the About Sensi Seeds section of the website. Here you can discover the stories behind many different facets of this legendary seed company, from its beginnings as one man’s passion and a small collection of very special seeds to the impact that the Sensi gene bank has had on medicinal marijuana and the culture of cannabis in the Netherlands and beyond. Sensi Seeds has expanded over the last few decades to include sister companies devoted to industrial hemp, to educating the public on the true effects and potential of cannabis, and even to pure relaxation in beautiful surroundings. All branches of the company are founded on the same ethic: it’s not just about Sensi Seeds, it’s about the plant.

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