World-wise Inge Fryklund on dogged quest to end destructive drug war

Editor’s note: In our Other Roots series, we share the stories of the underrepresented individuals in and around the marijuana movement — women, ethnic minorities and others whose voices aren’t as prevalent in the conversation surrounding legalization. If you’d like to suggest an individual to the Other Roots team — an activist, a budtender, a regulator, an executive — give us a jingle.

Inge Fryklund’s views on drug policy evolved after years seeing the unintended consequences of hardline prohibition during her years working in Chicago as a former prosecutor in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and as a legal consultant with the U.S. State Department and armed forces.

Inge Fryklund is a former prosecutor who worked for five years in Chicago. Her later work with the U.S. military has taken her to Afghanistan, Iraq, Tajikistan, Kosovo and the West Bank. (Courtesy photo)

She is now a member of the group Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP,…

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