Will Prohibition Return to Legalized States?

In addition to the barrage of questions that customers ask regarding the effects of indicas, sativas and hybrids that I get as a budtender, there is another question that comes up a great deal when people come visit me at the bud bar. Yes, we have the damn gummies alright. I kid, but not really. What they ask is concerning how legalization will maintain under our current administration and whether or not, after all this progress, will there be someone who decides to take it all away from us? They usually pose it with a simple starting off point, “how about that Sessions huh?”. Jeff Sessions may be saying all this nonsense recently about how good people do not smoke marijuana but is there really anything he is capable of doing to this industry?

The technical answer is yes, but it would not be easy, or worth it. When President Obama took office in 2009 he said that states can basically be given the right to decide on their own laws, marijuana being one of the first things that was taken advantage of by the citizens of Colorado. However, weed is still illegal at a federal level so what is to stop this clown from coming in and shutting everyone down? Well,…

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