Washington D.C. Cannabis Advocate Fighting to Have Her Confiscated Weed Stash Returned – News

Jessica Laycock spent this year’s 4/20 celebrating cannabis in one of America’s nine municipalities with recreational marijuana use legalization, but her day wasn’t all blunts in the sun like our friends at San Francisco’s Hippie Hill or Denver’s Civic Center Plaza. No, Laycock and handful of other activists decided to take advantage of Washington’s unique legalization rules by handing out free joints to Congressional staffers – until they were arrested by U.S. Capitol Police. Now, more than a month later, the criminal charges against Laycock have been dropped and Laycock wants her legal weed back from the Capitol cops.

According to the Washington Post, Laycock was carrying a legal amount of marijuana, or less than two ounces, and a vaporizer when she was arrested on the cannabis high holiday, and she has now filed a legal motion have her stash returned to her.

“The strongest legal argument is that she was not doing anything unlawful under D.C. law to begin with, and she was never charged,” Laycock’s lawyer, Evan Parke said.

The activists from the D.C. Cannabis Campaign (DCMJ) strategically set up directly outside of federally owned land and…

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